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Q: What does your company do?
A: Rewes Drain Cleaning offers professional drain cleaning service to both residential and commercial customers in McLean County and surrounding areas.
Q: How do I know if my drains need to be cleaned?
A: The most typical sign is a backup. Water will back up from your floor drains or cease to drain in sinks or bathtubs. Toilets not flushing properly as well as gurgling sounds or odors coming from your drains are also signs you may have a problem forming.
Q: Do you service main drains or sewers?
A: Yes! Rewes Drain Cleaning can service any drain that is at least 1" in diameter all the way to 6" diameter. We have equipment that can remove tree roots from your main sewer as well as high-pressure jetting equipment to remove grease buildup.
Q: Another company says that my sewer is broken and needs to be excavated! Is this true?
A: Unless you have a very new home, your sewer is most likely made of clay pipe. Tree roots will invade the clay line and in extreme cases cause a break or collapse which can only be fixed by having an excavation. Here at Rewes Drain Cleaning, we have state-of-the-art video inspection equipment that can go down inside your sewer and show you in real time what the actual problem is. We can even record this on either a DVD or USB flash drive so you can show your friends or other contractors what your sewer looks like.
Q: I have had tree roots in my sewer before. Will I have this problem again?
A: Once tree roots have entered your sewer they can only be removed from inside the pipe and yes, they will grow back. The only permanent fix to a tree root issue is to have your sewer entitled replaced in plastic pipe which can be very expensive. Rewes Drain Cleaning offers periodic cleaning programs for customers with tree root problems. Every home is different as well as the length of time needed between root removals. Call and ask about our periodic sewer cleaning program for more info.
Q: Why should I start a periodic cleaning program when I could just call each time my sewer backs up and receive same-day service?
A: While Rewes Drain Cleaning does promise same-day service for emergencies it is never a good idea to repeatedly allow your tree roots to grow to the point that your sewer backs up. By the time the roots have completely blocked your sewer pipe they are swelling up so large and causing stress to the already brittle clay pipe. Neglected tree root growth is the number one cause of sewers needed to be excavated. Save yourself a large repair bill and a torn up yard and regularly have your tree roots removed BEFORE they present a problem.
Q: I want to buy a very old home. How do I know if the sewer is in good shape?
A: A typical home inspector will only look at the pipes inside the home and has no way of inspecting the sewer under the home or front yard. We recommend that every new home purchase include a sewer inspection. Rewes Drain Cleaning performs sewer inspections by sending a sewer camera down the pipe and checking for roots or damage that may present a problem in the future. A sewer inspection will provide the customer with piece of mind and can also help avoid a very costly sewer repair.
Q: What makes a drain call an emergency?
A: Emergency calls consist of the following: standing sewage in your basement, overflowing drains that won't seem to quit even if you stop running water, clogged toilets when there is only one toilet available, or any drain in a commercial business that prevents the business from operating normally.
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